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Ever since childhood I've practised various means of expression and it is by chance and as a self-taught person that I started photography in 2007. My photographic approach is mainly devoted to the depiction of the aesthetic of desolation. It is about showing the world as I feel it, emphasizing the obscure, the mysterious... Pointing at what we comprehend of misery, weakness, ordinariness and ugly... Drawing the attention on what makes sense, on these multitudes of small things upon which we don't dwell because they don't fit the aesthetic or moral codes. Interesting and showing how the world can be dark, painful, etc. Acknowledging that everything is inhabited by the illusion, the fictional, the imaginary, the unreal, in short, fiction. Everything then becomes a potential object and subject of my creations, provided that they answer that artistic approach. Thereby, each cycle is a new mission, a wandering, a search for these images that aim above all at depicting the aesthetic of desolation. This approach is then visually characterized by breaks, discontinuities and a poietic of discrepancy, crossover and mixture, whatever the subject. A long way from the pretentious sophisticated refrains and the technical and aesthetic codes, it's always a matter of sensations. Therefore, I don't limit myself by a photographic format or taboos. Grain, fuzziness, textures, double exposure, distortion, accidents. I make this process give everything that is possible.

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